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27th Mar 2018

‘Stranger Things’ Producer Reveals First Details About Third Series

James Fenton

Having gotten over the TV version of the ‘difficult second album’, the cast and crew of Netflix sci-fi sensation Stranger Things are working on the upcoming third series of the hit show.

If that first paragraph means nothing to you then it really is about time you caught up on the nostalgic series which has become one of the most-talked about TV shows in years.

Stranger Things has spawned countless different kinds of merchandise and memes and fans who are waiting in anticipation for the next instalment have been given a little taster of what’s in store. Be warned, if you haven’t caught up with series two, or even series one, there are spoilers ahead. 

Speaking at an event in Los Angeles on Sunday night, executive producer Shaun Levy revealed a number of details about series three and the romantics among the fanbase will be pleased to know that, yes, Mike and Eleven have continued the budding romance they appeared to have started when we last saw them. 

Lucas and Max have are also a couple and the series will be set in the summer of 1985 with references Back To The Future which was the big movie at the time. 

Perhaps the best news of all though is that everyone’s favourite bad guy-turned-babysitter Steve Harrington is going nowhere. The character completely turned the audience around in series two after a rocky start as ‘Dad Steve’ came to the fore. Speaking about the future of Jennifer Aniston’s successor as the most famous haircut on TV, Levy said:

‘We’ll definitely get to see some more of Steve Harrington in season three, and I’ll just say we won’t be abandoning the Dad Steve magic. I don’t want to say much more, but I literally feel that we were walking along and we stumbled onto a gold mine with Dad Steve.’

So there you have it. The third series of Stranger Things will be going into production shortly but a release date has yet to be announced. 

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