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19th Dec 2018

The Ultimate Netflix Christmas Movie List


I’m going to come out and say it – 2018 has been a pretty hectic year and it’s safe to say we are all dying for this Christmas break.

If there’s one thing you can count on to bring a little festive cheer to your life, it’s Netflix and all it has to offer.

A treasure trove of cult classic films, Christmas films that shouldn’t be Christmas films and of course the so-bad-they’re-good films – a few of these are in my personal fave list. Sorry, not sorry.

Christmas Day is precious, you need to reserve time and energy for eating all the delish food people, not flicking through what to watch. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

So, here’s a selection of the best films to watch on Netflix this Christmas.

Love Actually

Yes there are a good few plot lines flying around and Hugh Grant as Prime Minister isn’t really believable but I can’t help but love this movie. Not only is there a stellar cast, but this film has so many magical moments (Emma Thompson listening to Joni Mitchell whilst holding back tears – can’t DEAL!) and equally serves up many funny moments like the epic “Christmas Is All Around Us” tune. Gotta love that extra syllable.

It might not be everyone’s cupán tae, but when I put the question to the floor, many people said this was 100% one to watch over Christmas. Plus, Netflix have just added it so you gotta give it a whirl – no excuse.

Arthur Christmas

Not gonna lie, this is up there with one of my favourite Christmas movies. Cartoons aren’t really my thing, but I really enjoyed this. It’s one of those feel good family films that’s equally funny for adults and kids.

As we all know, Santa delivers presents to every last child – but this year the unthinkable happens… Santa misses one child. A classic ‘save the day’ story line, it’s up to Arthur to deliver a present to the forgotten kid before Christmas morning dawns.

Deck The Halls

A relatively new addition to Netflix, this is one for the family movie night.

In a nut shell, two neighbours battle it out to have the best decorated house on their street, but things get out of hand when Danny DeVito’s character wants his gaff to be seen from space.

Que scenes of manic home decorating, one-upmanship and jealously that brings on a few belly-laughs. The kids will love this one.

A Very Murray Christmas

Almost anything starring Bill Murray has my vote, it’s just a shame Scrooged isn’t on Netflix but fear not! Murray rounds up an all-star cast for a festive evening of music and mischief in this brilliant comedy twist on the cliché holiday variety shows.

George Clooney and Miley Cyrus make an appearance and help Murray deliver the best Christmas gig yet. Throw in the genius Amy Poehler and Chris Rock and you’ve got yourself an epic show.

The Christmas Chronicles

You know it’s gonna be a great film when the same makers of Home Alone and the first three Harry Potter flicks are behind it.

Kurt Russell shines as the main man and provides a straight-talking take on the much loved character. Fair enough, this film is as predictable as an Advent Calendar but Russell brings a certain charm to this role. So much so, that it might just be the best Santa yet. THERE – I’VE SAID IT!

The Holiday

Another firm-fave that Netflix recently added to their list, The Holiday is almost one of those love-to-hate movies, but most of us actually just love it. And what’s not to love? Two romances blossoming before our eyes, destined for failure but ultimately coming together in the best happily-ever-after conclusion? The meet-cute? COME ON!

You know what, sometimes the classic stories are the best.

Angela’s Christmas

The fact that there is an Irish beaut like this on Netflix makes me so happy.

Based on the much loved children’s book by the amazing Frank McCourt, this short film is a funny, heartwarming and poignant tale about a family trip to church on Christmas Eve.

Angela is full of Christmas notions which leads to her ‘rescuing’ the baby Jesus from the church.

If you loved Give Up Yer Aul Sins, this is right up your alley.