13 Reasons You Have To Binge-Watch LOVE On Netflix Right Now

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If you haven't already ploughed through all of LOVE on Netflix, what the hell have you been doing since Valentine's Day?!

You need to lock yourself in a room and begin watching it immediately, and here's 13 reasons why....

1. It was created by Judd Apatow

The dude that created just about every movie or show you've laughed at since around 2004.

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2. Gillian Jacobs is in it

That's Britta from Community, to you.... And she's more sarcastic and spiteful than ever.

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3. It's got some of the best one-liners since Friends

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4. Judd Apatow's daughter plays the sassiest 12 year old ever in it

Aria's all about the crucial things in life, like getting more followers on Insta.

Love Review 2

5. You'll go through a strange love/hate relationship with Gus

You'll want to high five him when he gets his bit, yet find yourself wanting to give him a kick up the ass at other instances. Paul Rust plays this gas character, whilst also moonlighting as an executive producer on the show too.

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6. Watching it will make you feel slightly better about your romantic life

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7. There's only ten 40 minute episodes in the series

Plus the events of the show take place over a mere few days, with each episode picking up where the last one left off - making the episodes very easy to devour.


8. You'll find some of your best and worst traits in the main characters

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9. The game that Gus and his mates play will soon become one of your go-to drinking games

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10. The show is a cutting satire of the entertainment industry

The writers pull no punches in tearing the fake show 'Witchita', its entire crew and the LA lifestyle to absolute shreds.


11. The third producer on the show is Lesley Arfin of Girls fame

It doesn't get much better than that.


12. Mickey's housemate, Bertie, deserves her very own show

Every time she leaves the frame you'll be hoping she returns imminently.

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13. And finally, because it's so good that the final episode will leave you praying that there's a second season on the way

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Need further convincing? Take a look at the trailer...

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