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10th Feb 2020

A lot of viewers couldn’t watch Maura Higgins’ latest performance

Darragh Murphy

Maura Higgins

Credit to her, Maura Higgins put it all on the line with her commitment to one of the most dangerous moves in dancing.

Love Island star Maura Higgins, along with pro partner Alexander Demetriou, took on the dreaded headbanger which involves one person being spun through the air and coming dangerously close to smashing her head against the ice.

The pair closed out their Sunday flamenco performance with the death-defying move and thankfully, Maura escaped unscathed while her hair swept the ice.

She wasn’t so lucky in rehearsals, however, as she was left cradling her head after hitting the ice although she recovered in time for the Dancing On Ice live show.

Ahead of the performance, which earned the pair three 7.5s and one 8 from the four judges, host Holly Willoughby warned viewers that they might want to watch the skate through a pillow.

The danger was not lost on viewers, who struggled to watch the performance fully.

It was ironic that a week earlier, fans complained about not being able to fully enjoy Maura’s skate because of some bizarre camera work.

And this time around, the risk involved with a move left those same fans not wanting to watch.

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