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15th Feb 2020

Roy Keane’s gentler side expected on next week’s Late Late Show

Darragh Murphy

Roy Keane

Ryan Tubridy sounds as excited as the rest of us for next week’s Late Late Show.

RTE has a tough act to follow considering the reaction that Friday night’s Valentine’s Day special got but Tubridy has already revealed one guest for next week’s show who has made a career out of making headlines.

Joining Tubridy on The Late Late Show next Friday will be none other than Roy Keane.

Roy Keane hasn’t appeared on The Late Late in years and while we’ve all grown accustomed to seeing the Corkman’s death stare throughout his career as a player, manager and pundit; Keane’s seldom-seen gentler side is expected on the couch next week.

That’s because the former Republic of Ireland and Manchester United captain will be bringing a guide puppy along with him for the chat.

Keane has been a long-time supporter of the Irish Guide Dogs and he will be discussing his appreciation for the work done by the association when he takes to the RTE studios next Friday.

“You’ll see us back here next Friday night for more from The Late Late Show,” Tubridy said at the end of this week’s rowdy episode.

“I’m going to meet someone I’ve never met in all my years doing this job and I can’t believe I haven’t.

“He’s going to bring the cutest little guide dog puppy in training with him but I’ve never met him.

“It’s Roy Keane joining us next week on the show, which I’m intrigued about.”

So are we, Ryan. So are we.