The REAL Murphy And Peña Appeared In 'Narcos' – And You Probably Didn't Even Notice

The pair made a cameo in the last episode of season 2

Murphy Pena

The DEA agents of Narcos, Steve Murphy and Javier Peña, were in fact real people and they've even appeared briefly at the end of the second season.

Before we go any further, spoilers ahead! Don't say you weren't warned.

At the end of the latest season of Netflix show, we see an American bar where a recently dismissed Javier Peña is drowning his sorrows just as the world learns that Pablo Escobar has been killed in an effort to evade capture.

As the news is announced, too grey-haired men are seen to clink glasses in celebration: these are real life Steve Murphy and Javier Peña. 

This tidbit was revealed on Narcos Facebook page, which is full of extra features that fans of the show are sure to get a kick out of, such as Spanish lessons from Pablo Escobar himself.

See, learning really can be fun!

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