This Heinz Beanz Ad Has Been Banned Over Safety Concerns

Have you heard the 'Can Song'?

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An advertisement for Heinz Beanz has been banned over health and safety concerns.

The ad in question features the 'Can Song' – much like the popular song 'Cups' from the movie Pitch Perfect – which encourages viewers to drum out the rhythm to the song on empty cans of beans.

Nine viewers of the ad complained that it promoted "unsafe practice" with six of those believing that copying its motions could result in children injuring themselves.

Following these complaints, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) released a statement saying, "it might still be possible that mistakes could be made with an empty can, which might include a hand or fingers being inserted into an open tin, with the associated risk of cuts".

The ASA ruled that the ad should be banned from being broadcast in its current form. What do you think of this decision? Give us your thoughts in the comments.


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