'Will & Grace' Is Back – 10 Years Later!

The gang have some opinions to share...

One of our favourite 1990s sitcoms is back for a one-off election special, 10 years after its final episode was shown.

And it's a good 'un – taking America to task for its current reality: that Donald Trump is a presidential candidate. Though Karen is firmly on Team Trump ("where do you think I got the idea to build a wall to keep Rosario out of the main house?"), Will and Grace are decidedly #teamHillary, and Jack's, well... Jack.

I can't even talk to somebody if I know they're going to vote for him.

It's the first time we've seen the group in a decade – and Will, Grace, Karen and Jack have reunited for one of the best reasons we can imagine. 

Presidential issues aside, this reunion has really whetted our appetite for a new season, and surely we're not alone? We would love to see the foursome reignite Will & Grace for a few more runs!

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Written By

Rosemary MacCabe