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20th Dec 2016

Urban Exploration – New York’s Most Fearless Instagrammers


Urban exploration is something not everyone will be familiar with – but it’s a type of adrenaline junkie activity that’s on the increase with thanks to social media. Urban exploration involves the climbing, scaling and the exploration of mad-made structures, usually abandoned. These daredevils tend to end up in areas that often involve trespassing on private or restricted property.


New York is a haven for these mentallers with the ridiculously tall buildings, intricate design of their many bridges and maze-like subways. And strangely enough, Instagram is being used as a portal for these urban explorers to share their experiences with their followers. This past-time has become so popular that a mini docu has been filmed.

All Points Project: Instragrammers of New York features eight of these guerrilla photographers as they go about their urban exploration of the concrete jungle and use Instagram to project their art. Filmmaker Jeff Seal is behind this project that comes with a pretty eerie disclaimer: “The activities depicted in this program are illegal and highly dangerous. They could result in serious injury, incarceration, or even death.”

Just don’t watch the documentary below if you’re scared of heights!

Watch – How Instagram Fuels the Urban Explorer Movement