Here's How To Make The Perfect Fire At Home Tonight

It's expected to be -1 degree tonight – ideal conditions for a cosy fire

There aren't many things better than a roaring fire when it's freezing outside, so here's how to make one in your own home.

The good folks at HowToVideo have broken down the process into just a few simple steps, so anybody can do it without minutes, in fact, our instructor easily gets his fire going in just three minutes.

The basic idea you need to remember is that something smaller will burn faster than something big (revolutionary, we know), so you need to start by laying match-like kindling on the grate in your fireplace and place thinly shredded newspaper underneath that wood.

Don't ball up the paper as that slows the burning.

Place a stack of larger wood above the thin kindling (piled in such a way that lets in as much air as possible), which should be above the shredded newspaper, then set the paper alight.

Watch the pro at work in the video above and simply follow his example. Nothing to it! 

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