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19th Oct 2019

WATCH: Actor Kiefer Sutherland describes a rather bizarre night out in Dublin with Pogues frontman Shane McGowan

Sarah Finnan

Kiefer Sutherland was a guest on last night’s Late Late Show.

Telling possibly one of the best, if not wackiest, anecdotes that I’ve heard in a long time, he recounted how an innocent night out in Dublin led to a fond friendship with Pogues frontman Shane McGowan.

Describing a run-in with Sinead O’Connor, Van Morrison, Ronnie Wood and McGowan, he started the story off by telling viewers that “Sinead O’Connor was drinking milk and everybody else was not”. Standard enough really.

But that’s when the story takes a turn. The Stand by Me star detailed how a disagreement over political views led to an altercation between himself and McGowan.

“Before you know it the two of us were fighting and we were rolling around on the floor”. And with Van Morrison laughing in the background, it sounds like quite the scene.

If you think that’s where the tale ends though, you’d be mistaken.

Fast-forward a couple of hours and the duo have kissed and made up (not literally but you get the idea).

Next thing you know McGowan is spending the night on Sutherland’s couch.

Bizarre to say the least but arguably the most Irish ending to a night out ever.

Sutherland also treated viewers to a singsong before he left, listen below.

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