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30th Nov 2017

Nine Of The Very Best Irish Tweets Of The Week


Now that the weekend is just around the corner it’s that time of the week again when we round up the very best that Irish tweeters have to offer.

As per usual everyone blew it out of the park with some crackers that had us in stitches of laughter.

Here are nine of our favourite Irish tweets of the week:

1. C’mon Saoirse…

2. Wait…what?

3. It IS very true

4. Only in Ireland…

5. Every…single…time

6. White pudding on a pizza!?

7. Best headline idea EVER

8. And EVERYONE is talking about the weather…but seriously it is cold

9. When the video of British people drawing the border went viral…

On that topic, we took to the streets of Dublin and challenged passers by to draw the Irish border. Here’s how we got on. 

header image: ConorSmith/Twitter

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