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20th Nov 2017

An Irish Lad Pulled A Pretty Hilarious Prank While He Was In Amsterdam


Ah, Irish humour. There’s nothing else quite like it. 

While the majority of Irish people get the Irish sense of humour or gag line, those not from Ireland sometimes don’t get it at all. 

This was exactly the case when an Irishman visited Amsterdam and decided to have a bit of fun while he was there by playing a prank on workers in Amsterdam Centraal station.

“Annie Yokes?”

Brian Bates shared the video on his YouTube channel, String & Bates last week and it’s fairly gas…

He went up to the announcement desk and asked them if they could help him find his lost friend who was on the train.

And her name? Sure it was only Annie Yokes.

The two desk workers believed him and the announcement was made over the intercom to the entire station looking for “Annie Yokes from Ireland”.

You can watch the gas video below:

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