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25th Apr 2019

Britain’s Oldest Twins Say “Guinness Every Night” Is The Secret To a Long Life

Megan Cassidy

Britain’s Oldest twins have thanked the black stuff for their longevity.

We always knew our lifeblood, Guinness was the elixir of a long and happy life, and it seems the Brits are copping on.

Phyllis Jones and Irene Crump, both 102, have said the secret to a long life is a Guinness “every night”.

Phyllis told Caters News:

“I used to love a drink. I enjoy a drink of anybody.”

Irene added: “I don’t like one drink, I like two or three. I used to love a Guinness. Every night I had a Guinness.”

The pair were born in 1916, and have seen 20 prime ministers, four reigning monarchs and two world wars.

Irene said they don’t feel their age:

“We can’t grasp that we are 102 because we don’t feel it,” she said. “We got no rheumatism, arthritis, I mean, we’re very lucky in that way.”

The pair celebrated their 102nd birthday on Nov 20, surrounded by family.

Cheers to that.

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