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11th Apr 2018

Double Decker Chocolate Spread Now Exists And It’s A Chocoholics Dream Come True


Anyone who’s on a diet, please, avert your eyes from the calorific chocolately glory that has just been released.

Cadbury is now doing a heavenly (or hell-ish, depending on your views on chocolate spreads), Double Decker flavour spread.

And we wanna lather this over EVERYTHING.

It’s a milk chocolate spread with nougat flavouring and crunchy little cereal bits…

UK instagram page New Foods UK spotted it in Asda, and seeing as how there’s been no sightings of this droolworthy creation in Irish stores just yet, we think we’re gonna have to make a trip up north to get our hands on some…

In porridge, on ice cream, on toast, or simply devoured with a spoon. We want it.

Header image: New Foods UK/Instagram & Shutterstock 

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