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20th Nov 2018

PIC: This Irish Flag “Was Taken Off Fans On Entering The Grounds By Danish Stewards”

Darragh Berry

Another Republic of Ireland game. Another match where we refused to attack despite the fact that even if we won, drew or lost 7-0, our journey would not change.

Another game where we essentially parked everyone behind the ball and hoofed the round thing away anytime we got it as if it was a hot potato.

It’s no news to Irish fans at this stage that the football is absolute muck and big changes are needed.

Sure, we don’t have ‘world-class’ players or ‘top-top-top-top’ players as the lads in Sky Sports would say, but they still can play a bit of ball when they’re allowed to.

If you want to sum up the sheer madness of O’Neill’s team selections, he has chosen, on many occasions now, to play a seasoned full-back in the middle of the park.

How he expects to get the best out of Cyrus Christie or to see him grow as a player despite playing him out of position is beyond us.

With all this built up anger, it was no surprise that Irish fans who travelled over for the dead-rubber game brought some negative flags and signs with them.

Some said ‘O’Neill out’, others said ‘Delaney out’ and some said both.

This one was confiscated by Danish Stewards just before kick-off.

Apparently, the stewards in Denmark had been sent photos of certain flags that were not allowed into the stadium, and this was one of them.

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