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Every Irish Gal Can Relate To This Embarrassing Fake Tan Struggle

By Sarah

April 3, 2018 at 9:03am


Ahhh, the holy biscuit-y grail that is false tan. 

The obsession of every Irish gal at least once in their lives, fake tan has given us that all-elusive opportunity to look (for as long as that tan lasts) as though we too are from the continent and not the back arse of nowhere in Kerry. 

Basically, fake tan has been a goddamn lifesaver for Irish speckly skin. 

The struggles of fake tan are known all too well by regular Cocoa B babes however - patiently waiting for it to dry, the streaks, the smears onto white clothing...

And worst of all: the tan sheets. 

Stephanie Barry, an Irish lass who is currently backpacking around the world, was playing it safe by getting bronzed the fake way and decided to pop on some tan before going to bed.

What she saw when she woke up has unfortunately happened to the best of us:

Yep. That's a tanned human imprint. And let us tell ya, there's not a hope of that washing out of the sheets. 

Stephanie - if you're reading - we feel your pain. 

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