PIC: Remember Toy Show Kid Who Got Overwhelmed By Girls Aloud? Here's What He Looks Like 15 Years Later

"Girls Aloud boy is cute now"

Girls Aloud Toy Show Main

Whether you thought The Late Late Toy Show on Friday was the best one yet or didn't hold a candle to previous years, it was confirmed as the most watched show of the year.

Host Ryan Tubridy said: "I am blown away every single year at the reaction we get to The Late Late Toy Show. As a team, we are so honoured that people open their arms and welcome us in for such a magical night, and I sincerely hope it was as much fun for our viewers as it was for me on Friday.

"The production team and the children are what make the Toy Show special and memorable and I want to thank everyone involved, from little star Michael to our heroes Grace and Scott, to the set and costume designers. I’m delighted viewers loved it as much as we did."

No matter what age you are, nostalgia always kicks in when the Toy Show comes around and it gets people talking about other years. If you're in your mid-20s or beyond, you'll certainly remember the cute kid who came on to demonstrate a karaoke machine to Pat Kenny in 2003.

In order to test it out, he chose to sing Girls Aloud's cover version of 'Jump' that was used on the Love Actually soundtrack.

Mid-song, the five girls burst out and join the little child who is overwhelmed by their appearance.

Well someone tracked him down eventually, and here's what he looks like 15 years later. One person commented that the once little kid was now "cute".

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