PIC: Guinness Selling New Cans But They're Not Available In Ireland

Not fair :(

Guinness Jan

Guinness has a new type of drink it seems and it's available in load of places but not Ireland.

This isn't fair, in fact, this should be against the law.

We should be the first to get our hands on this Nitro stuff which sounds like it's absolute rocket juice.

Reddit User, feckthis, shared this picture and they're dead right. Feck This.

Guinness Nitro

It's available in France and USA but when is it going to land over here? Huh, Guinness?

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Darragh Berry

Darragh is a Mayo GAA fan for all his sins. He taught himself how to play guitar at the age of 11 and hasn't stopped playing Wonderwall since. Gets lost on the streets of Dublin as frequently as Mayo lose All-Ireland Finals. Contact - darragh@lovin.com