Irish People Are Having A Right Laugh At This Tweet By A U.S. Company

You like to put them in your what?

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There are a number of differences between the way Irish people speak English and the way Americans do. For example, if an American was angrily describing how "p*ssed" they were about something, an Irish person is likely to respond by asking how much they had to drink.

Another distinction that often raises a chuckle is that when those Stateside say the word "fanny" they mean their rear end, while over here it commonly refers to, well, a woman's genitals.

Pastry company Pop-Tarts clearly didn't get the memo though because they've only gone and posted an image of their product in what we would call a bumbag along with the caption 'I like my tarts where I like my money. Right in my fanny.'

Excuse us?

As you would expect, Irish people haven't been able to let it go...

You'll be a long time waiting for your Pop Tart to toast in there. Aside from the obvious, two more questions:

1) If fanny means what Americans think it does, why would they put pop tarts in their bum?

2) Who puts money in their backside or their vagina for that matter?

Never, change, U.S.

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