PIC: Irish Lad "Banned From Tinder" For Naughty Bertie Ahern Bio

You'd just have to swipe right to it though...

Tinder Match Phone

Ah, Tinder.

Many the relationship, marriage but mostly one night stand has been manufactured from a quick swipe right based on five photos and a bio of a person that you feel like could go to the same local food store as you.

There's a lot to be said in a good bio. The generic and boring ones could make you hit the x button before you've even seen what the person looks like.

Because, if they're boring with their bio - something that they've probably thought about for a good ten minutes - they aren't going to be much better in real life.

You want something that's straight to the point and a little bit bold, kind of like this girl's bio which was posted on the site a few weeks ago.

And if that's the kind of bio that will get a girl noticed, here's one that will defo get the lad noticed.

This was so funny but a little bit risky that Tinder decided to ban him entirely:

"Fuck me like Bertie Ahern fucked Ireland." We expect that if Adam did get any luck from this bio, he's probably not able to walk now.

We also want to know does Adam's dirty talk consist of a story about a very naughty boy who was Minister for Finance but who had no bank account...

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Darragh Berry

Darragh is a Mayo GAA fan for all his sins. He taught himself how to play guitar at the age of 11 and hasn't stopped playing Wonderwall since. Gets lost on the streets of Dublin as frequently as Mayo lose All-Ireland Finals. Contact - darragh@lovin.com