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31st Oct 2017

Is This The Most Savage Breakfast Challenge In Ireland?


Consider yourself a master of breakfast? You might want to challenge yourself to The Murphy’s Breakfast Challenge plate in Westmeath…

The huge serving consists of four sausages, four white pudding, four black pudding, four rashers, four fried eggs, four fried tomatoes, mushrooms, beans, four hash browns, four pieces of toast, a bowl of fries (!), and a steamin’ pot of tea.


Murphy’s Law in Athlone does the insane meal, challenging customers to try to eat the entire thing in just half an hour. Eat it all up, and it’s free. Even better, next person who does so gets 10 free pints in Murphy’s as a prize.


It looks absolutely savagely good. 

Do you know someone who could destroy this in one sitting?

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