It's Spider Season - Here Are 5 Ways To Ensure They Don't Come Into Your House


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It's that time of year when the dreaded masses of huge spiders start creeping into the house looking for a warm place to mate and generally terrify us all.

You could just stand on a chair and scream at them whilst hoping somebody else gets rid of the buggers, or you could get busy and ensure they can't 100% get in.

Here are five simple tips that you should be using to ensure your house is spider free...

1. Essential Oils

Spiders really don't like strong smells so essential oils are going to be your friend. Peppermint oil is the best but you could also use tea tree, lavender or lemon oil.

A few drops where you really don't want them to be (a.k.a near the bed) and adding some drops to a water bottle and spraying it around the house will help no end.

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2. Vinegar

Mix it into a spray bottle with half water and half vinegar. Then spray it into corners and crevices where you don't want the spiders to gather. Easy.

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3. Clean Everything

You'll have to become a bit of a neat freak. Lose empty cardboard boxes as spiders love to climb into them. Get the hoover and duster out and clean every single nook and cranny so as they have nowhere to hide.

Be especially sure to clean any cobwebs away. Hoover down the back of couches, in dark corners and anywhere else that dark where they could hide.

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The spiders are all coming in as the weather is getting colder, so if you protect your house and seal it up they simply won't be able to get in.

Clear away anything like piles of leaves, compost or wood around the house as this is an obvious first point for spiders to assemble.

Make sure your doors and windows don't have any gaps or cracks. You can cover a chimney with a fine mesh to stop them coming in that way. If you block every hole they simply won't be able to get in.

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5. Citrus

Spiders hate anything citrus so use this to your advantage. Use half a lemon or lime and rub it off skirting boards, window sills or anywhere else that the spiders are looking to converge.

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