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10th Jul 2018

PICS: Leo Varadkar’s College Journal Has Been Discovered And It’s Cringe

Darragh Berry

This is the equivalent of your Bebo profile crawling back on the scene after years in the wilderness…

…except your Bebo profile is your old diary from college and you, as a person, are the leader of the country.

When Leo Varadkar was jotting down idle thoughts after the turn of the millenium, he probably never thought anymore of it, just something to do to pass some spare time.

However, his old college diary has crept back online and there’s some questionable quotes in it that will make your laugh and cringe at the same time.

“Hello there, Welcome to the web world of Leo Veradkar,” he starts while also spelling his own surname wrong.

“So, who am I? I am a 21-year-old medical student from Dublin. I have just finished my third year at Trinity College. In my spare time I am a political junkie so Washington, DC is the perfect place for me to be while away this summer. I am working as an intern in Rep. Jack Quinn’s office.

“Interested???? Anyhow, I’ll be using this page to provide you with a blow by blow account of my experiences in the Disneyland of Politics. Read on….

From kicking Italian asses to “lovebites” and expletives (we didn’t realise the Taoiseach had such a potty mouth), Varadkar’s old journal is a treat to read.

This is just one of the many passages that the Taoiseach submitted while on his working holibops.

Lv Journal 1
Lv Journal 2

You can read more passages from Leo’s crazy summer adventure in Washington, DC here.

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