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17th Oct 2017

PIC: Little Girl Sends Ridiculously Cute Letter To Met Éireann Journalist After Hurricane Ophelia


The devastation that has ensued since Hurricane Ophelia hit Ireland has a lot of the nation down, but maybe this little act of kindness will brighten up your day.

Meteorologist, Joanna Donnelly, took to Twitter to share this very sweet letter from a young fan who thanked her for the hurricane warning – and also the days off school.

Olivia O’Driscoll from Schull in West Cork sent the letter to show her appreciation.

Joanna was so touched by it that she shared it to her Twitter account.

Have a look at it for yourself:

It reads:

‘Dear Ms. Donnelly,

‘Thank you so much for warning us all about Hurricane Ophelia and calling a red warning.

‘My Dad is a fisherman and he is safe. My Grandad is a fisherman too and he is safe. 

‘From Olivia O’Driscoll

‘Schull, West Cork

‘P.S Thank you for two days off school’

Attaching the image, Joanna simply wrote: “my work here is done”.

header image: JoannaDonnellyL/Twitter and ALGALWAY/Twitter

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