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28th Jul 2018

WATCH: Someone In RTE Is In Trouble Today After Last Night’s Weather Broadcast

Megan Cassidy

We reckon RTE must hold some sort of record for news and weather bloopers at this point.

Blooper King Aengus Mac Grianna may have left the news desk for good last November, but there’s no shortage of broadcasters to keep his legacy alive.

This week’s “I didn’t know I was on air” gaffe comes courtesy of weather woman Siobhan Ryan, whose pre-broadcast prep was aired to the nation last night.

In the clip, the broadcaster can be heard telling someone off camera to “shtop” before she mutters to herself to “keep sentences short”.

Reddit user Lady_Fifington shared the entire clip, and it’s actually difficult to watch.

They may be unable, but we wouldn’t change them for the world.

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