WATCH: This Ryanair Passenger Went To Seriously Impressive Lengths To Avoid Paying Baggage Fees

You've got to hand it to him for this one

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Everyone was fairly annoyed to find out that Ryanair’s new baggage rules meant that you could no longer bring your suitcase into the cabin free of charge.

But one passenger decided to get the better of the airline’s strict new rules by going to some seriously extreme lengths.

Lee Cimino, 30, had booked flights to Belfast and was not impressed when he found out his travel date was actually two days after the new rules came into effect.

According to the new rules, he’d have to pay €6 to take a larger bag into the cabin, or €8 to check in a 10kg bag – but he had already decided that wasn’t going to happen.

Cimino shared a video documenting his plan on his Facebook page, explaining, “I love Ryanair, they’ve flown me all over. It’s always on time, it runs like clockwork. But these latest changes, they’re too much.”

His genius plan? Pack all his belongings into the lining of a specially altered giant coat so he could sneak them on board, of course.

He took an old coat to his local alterations shop and got several secret sections and pockets sewn in, setting him back around €30.

After arriving for his flight at Manchester Airport, he was surprised to find that his plan actually worked.

Cimino told The Independent, “There’d be no hesitation in doing it in future or recommending other people give it a go.

"It’s not so much the cost even, but you don’t have to wait for your bag to be offloaded at the other end. It saves time and money.”

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