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14th Dec 2018

PIC: Scottish Person’s Response To Brother Going On Date With “Irish Lassie” Has Gone Extremely Viral

Darragh Berry

For years, going out with someone who wasn’t from the same stock as yourself was a big no-no.

As someone from Mayo going out with a person from Galway, all was well and good until it came to Connacht Championship GAA time when tensions were risen within the relationship and by people from outside and that hatred for the opposite county comes out.

It’s natural.

That sort of hatred isn’t probably as strong when it comes to Ireland and Scotland.

We share similar songs and many Irish people are supporters of Scottish football clubs, like Rangers or Celtic for example.

So you’d think that if a Scottish lad and an Irish girl went on a date, it wouldn’t be a thousands miles away from being the norm.

But now for this Scottish lad. He got rinsed by his brother after he told him he was going on a date with a girl from Ireland.

Straight face, he absolutely nails this line.

The tweet says:

“Told my brother a few weeks back I was going on a date with a lassie who is Irish and without even blinking he puts his arm on m shoulder looks me dead in the eyes and says ‘Have Her People not suffered enough?’ xxx”

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