PIC: Here's A Sheep In A Pub With A Man Using Him As A Stool - You're Welcome

By Darragh Berry

April 18, 2018 at 8:22am


Clare Island is a magical place. You get the ferry out from a place called Roonagh (near Louisburgh) at the very end of county Mayo where the ocean and the land meet for the first time.

It's a simplistic place where just two pubs exist but they are nestled in between views of the sea, beaches and pieces of green fields and mountains that go for days.

You'll see cars knocking about but very few. After all, the island isn't that big, there's no real need for vehicles (and plus, getting the cars across to the island is a bit of hassle after all).

But if you are feeling lazy and wouldn't mind an auld lift to the pub, you can always rely on one of your ewes to be at your beck and call. 

That's what this pub goer decided to do when he tipped into his nearest watering hole for a pint of the good stuff.  


Photo credit: Clare Island Facebook Page

The face of the bar woman says it all. She's kind of half cross that he's decided to bring an animal into the pub but at the same time, you can tell that she's just one joke or 'baaaa' away from cracking into a smile. 

The caption on the photo, which you can find here if it's not showing in the article, reads: "2 pints of Guinness, please". Date Night on ClareIsland" 

The photo was taken at the Community Centre & Bar on the island which we assume has a fairly loose animal pub policy. 


We hope the sheep didn't get too rowdy after a few scoops, they could do serious damage with those horns...

It's goooood but how does it compare to when a prize winning horse landed into a pub fresh out of just winning a race?

We'll let you decide and if you can beat both of those photos (we don't think you can btw) let us know in the comments.

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