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These Are Officially The 10 WORST Places To Go For A First Date

By Sarah

February 9, 2018 at 1:16pm


You've carefully written out your Tinder bio so it's the perfect blend of funny but without being creepy, you've chosen the most flattering pics of yourself (and obvs included some lesser looking mates in a group shot so you stand out as being the hottest) and you've actually managed to score a date from the whole thing. 

Right, the date is locked in. So where to go?

If you don't want to seriously feck it up it turns out there's a few key ideas you should defo avoid... Professional matchmakers told Huffington Post the worst 10 places to go on a first date, so screen shot every single one of these if you want a chance at love. 

Here's where NEVER to bring someone on a first date...

1. A fast-casual restaurant 

“This says to your date that your level of investment in them is basically worth €7.50. Obviously you want to meet someone who is happy to chow down on some delicious burritos but that will be later on. 

"First dates are a chance for you to say, ‘Hey, I want you to feel amazing when you are with me and take you somewhere special.’ Give them something to remember, not a barbacoa burrito bowl.” ― Jenny Apple, matchmaker in Los Angeles, California 

2. Netflix and Chill

“This is not a date ― this is a booty call. You can always tell how a relationship is going to end by the way that it starts in the beginning. In this case, there would probably be no real respect or courtship throughout the relationship since there was not even an effort to make a real first date.” ― Lori Zaslow, co-founder of Project Soulmate, a matchmaking service in New York City 

3. Your local pub 

“This is a bad idea for two reasons: First, your date doesn’t need to know you are a regular at a bar. And second, your potential drunken shenanigans are not likely to leave the greatest first impression.” ― Ashley Arn, a matchmaker and dating coach based in Santa Monica, California

4. A family gathering 

“I’m not sure why anyone with their brain intact would want to spend time having their family judge their new date. That’s torture. First dates are for you two to get to know each other free from any distraction. Your date will not be able to be themselves if they see you trying to do a family intro too soon.” ― Jenny Apple

5. A fitness class

“Some people consider certain exercise classes part of their lifestyle. With that in mind, heading to a class on a first date may seem like the best way for their dates to get acquainted with it. 

"But you can get to know each other’s lifestyles without having to gasp for air and drip sweat. Resist the urge to do cardio on the first date.” ― May Hui, co-founder of Catch Matchmaking in Southern California 

6. Your own birthday dinner

“So inappropriate. You’re putting the new person on the spot. This also seems a little desperate, like you’re trying to fill the boyfriend or girlfriend slot for the party. Friends will speculate about your relationship and you won’t have time to give attention and interact with your date throughout the night.” ― Fay Goldman, a matchmaker in New York City 

7. A wedding 

“A wedding sends very awkward, very confusing signals about your intentions for the future. Plus, your date might need to be cropped out of all the family and friends pictures if it doesn’t work out!.” ― Jacqueline Nichols

8. A big group night out 

“A night out with your friends puts a lot of pressure on your date to not only impress you, but your entire social circle. ― Samantha Burns, a dating coach in the Boston area 

9. An extravagant weekend getaway 

“This is opposite of someone who plans a first date with an easy escape plan, like Chipotle. A date on this scale is bound to be awkward and make you both feel trapped if you are meeting for the first time and don’t hit it off. It’s best to keep first dates to about an hour to hour and a half. Even if it’s great, leave them wanting more.” ― Katie Chen

10. A loud bar or nightclub 

“’What? I can’t hear you!’ A good first date requires free flowing conversation and at a loud club you can barely hear yourself speak, let alone the person next to you. Save your first pumps for a later date.” ― Samantha Burns

Yikes. So eh... Coffee?

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