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This List Of 25 Things You'll Probs Never Do Again Will Make You Feel Really Old

By Sarah

February 6, 2018 at 4:19pm


Where does the time go, eh fellow kool kidz? It seems like just yesterday that we were spending all of our evenings hunched over a CD player making mix-tapes for our best friends in primary school...

Now these young'uns are probs just sharing a Spotify playlist. 

A survey commissioned by British Airways looked at how technology has changed how we live our everyday lives, with some tasks now pretty much obsolete. If you haven't stopped doing these things already than chances are you will soon. 

We feel ancient.

Top 25 things we miss but no longer do due to technology:

1. Making mix-tapes 

2. Put photos into albums 

3. Recording films and TV shows using VHS 

4. Having printed photos around the house 

5. The excitement of having photographs developed before you can see them 

6. Handwritten letters 

7. Sending love letters 

8. Sending post-cards 

9. Having pen friends 

10. Buying CDs / having a CD collection 

11. Using public telephones 

12. Using a telephone directory 

13. Carrying a portable CD player 

14. Going into the travel agents to research a holiday 

15. Buying disposable cameras 

16. Turning to a hard copy of the Yellow Pages 

17. Playing traditional board games or cards 

18. Owning an encyclopedia 

19. Dialing directory enquiries 

20. Visiting car boot sales to sell old stuff 

21. Remembering phone numbers off by heart 

22. Hand-writing essays /school work 

23. Ringing the speaking clock 

24. Trying on pairs of shoes on the high street 

25. Dialing 1471 to see who called while you were out

At least we don't have to look up the TV listings anymore...

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