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19th Oct 2017

This Hilarious Sign Was Spotted In A Kildare Chemist’s Window During Hurricane Ophelia


A sign in the window of a chemist in Kildare has become a viral sensation around the country.

Berney’s Chemist in Kilcullen, Co.Kildare hung this hilarious sign on the door of the shop, advising locals that the shop was shut for the day due to bad weather on Monday with Hurricane Ophelia.

The chemist posted the photo to their Facebook page and it has gone down a massive hit because of the Irish humour.

Have a look at the sign for yourself:

It reads as follows:

“Closed due to the soft auld day. 

In case of emergency ring 087 7651476. 

(But don’t make me come out and get drenched for a box of Lemsip or any of that craic)”.

The post now has a few hundred likes and shares, and we can see why. 

header image: Berney’s Chemist/Facebook Page

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