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Tomorrow Is National ‘Call In Sick To Work Day’ – Here’s The Best Excuse To Use

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Now, we know you would never dream of phoning your boss in the morning and pretending to be sick just so you don’t have to go into work. 

We know you’re way too honest and loyal for that sort of juvenile carry-on, but just incase, you should know tomorrow is national Sickie Day.

February 5 is the most popular day of the year to call in sick, and NOWTV has even revealed the top reasons why Irish people are tempted to pull a sickie. Surprisingly, it’s not being hungover, with 30% of people wanting more time to relax in bed rather than having to nurse a hangover (15%).

More than 25% of people reckon that Wednesday is the best day of the week to call in sick as it won’t look too suspiciously close to a weekend, and most of us spend the day just watching TV and films.

As for getting caught out? 70% of people are aware of not posting anything on their social media. Just incase… 

Here’s the top 10 excuses in order of most believable to least:

1. Flu 

2. Back pain 

3. Injury by accident 

4. Stress 

5. Elective surgery 

6. Depression 

7. Anxiety 

8. Common cold 

9. Migraine 

10. None of the above

Like we said… You’re WAY too honest to use those excuses though. Right?!

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