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06th Feb 2021

‘Walk like a penguin’ – Met Éireann’s advice on how to avoid slips and falls in wintry conditions

Sarah Finnan


Turns out the Madagascar penguins can be credited with teaching us more than just the importance of smiling and waving.

Met Éireann claims that walking “like a penguin” is the key to surviving the throes of winter and not slipping on the ice. The more you know, eh?!

With wintry conditions forecast to descend upon the country from tomorrow, people across Ireland are busy battening down the hatches in preparation of what’s to come. Inevitably stocking up on the everyday essentials – bread, kindling, milk and what have you – Met Éireann has been keeping us all up to date on the situation.

Sharing regular weather updates, the national forecaster is also keen to ensure we all know how to avoid slipping on the ice… necessary information given that daily walks are our only source of excitement these days.

Already foreseeing that people might have trouble navigating the hazardous conditions, forecasters tweeted to say:

“With conditions on the footpaths set to turn icy this week, take extra care when out and about. To avoid slips and falls walk like a penguin when the temperatures fall below freezing.”

Some suggested the above means donning a dinner jacket and bow tie, but we reckon that’s optional.

Such sage advice brings to mind the clip of the guy who slipped on the ice all those years ago – which coincidentally just celebrated its 11-year anniversary early last month. If only someone had let him in on the secret… he could have saved himself a whole lot of pain.

No doubt you’ve already seen the below clip by now, but if not – please enjoy.

Header image via Shutterstock 

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