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18th Nov 2020

WATCH: Clarkson, May, and Hammond’s new special has a very suggestive title

Rory Cashin

They knew EXACTLY what they were doing with this name…

The former Top Gear guys moved from the BBC and on to Amazon Prime Video in order to continue their particular and uniquely car-based comedic antics, and if anything, they have only gotten bigger and better over the years since joining the streaming service.

In their latest one-off feature-length special, the lads head off to Madagascar in search of actual pirate treasure, but it wouldn’t be a Hammond / May / Clarkson event without making it a bit of a competition, so it comes down to who gets there first, and who gets there in one piece.

In the new trailer, hot off the digital presses thanks to Prime Video, you can see them attempt to upgrade their cars to better handle the shockingly bad roads on the African island.

Invariably, things go wrong, from the roads seemingly swallowing the cars whole, to one scene where Clarkson appears to be attempting to outrun an exploding beach.

But all along the way, the goal is still to find that treasure, so the only suitable title for the special would be… A Massive Hunt.

Yep, they knew exactly what they were doing with that title, didn’t they?

Still though, for fans of Top Gear and/or The Grand Tour, then this new special will be the perfect just-before-Christmas-present.

The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt will be available to watch on Prime Video from Friday, December 18.

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