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18th Feb 2021

WATCH: Dogs Trust Ireland has taken on the viral Jerusalema Challenge

Sarah Finnan

Dogs Trust Ireland

It seems that everyone and their mother has attempted the viral Jerusalema Challenge by now, but Dogs Trust Ireland just shared their version and it’s exactly the wholesome content we need. 

Posting the clip online, the team thanked the public for their continued support – revealing that they managed to home over 1,000 dogs last year (1,159 puppers to be exact).

“Dogs might have two left feet but that didn’t stop them joining our team in the #JerusalemaChallenge!”

Later challenging their UK counterparts to give it their best, they have yet to share their version. Find us sitting her, refreshing their page until they do though. I think that even those of us a little fed up of seeing the Jerusalema Challenge saturate our feeds can agree that dog content is always welcome.

We’ve seen many a take on the challenge so far, but this one wins it for me. I mean, how could it not?!

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