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WATCH: Co. Mayo Town Features In New Trailer For Liam Gallagher Film

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Cast your minds back to mid-1990s. One British group were dominating charts all over the world while at the same time sealing their status as icons of the music industry for generations to come.

A couple of years before the Spice Girls came along though, Oasis were the band on everyone’s lips. The Brothers Gallagher and their merry band of Mancunians not only released anthem after anthem but their tabloid-friendly off-stage antics transcended the world of music.

For the best part of 15 years, the lads were on top of the world. Until 2009.

Ever since the break-up of Oasis, fans have been pining for Liam and Noel to bury the hatchet but it seems all they want to do is bury each other with insults. For What It’s Worth (geddit?), Liam’s side of the story will be told this summer when his film As It Was hits cinema screens.

The documentary follows the younger Gallagher from the heady days of Oasis until life after the band and a famous 2015 trip to Charlestown in Co. Mayo features in the latest trailer. In it, Liam ends up jamming in J.J. Finan’s pub with some locals and the clip paints the scene as a pivotal point in the singer’s road to solo success.

As It Was will be released in cinemas on June 6 and looks to be a must-watch for any Oasis fan. Take a look at the trailer below.

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