WATCH: Newfoundland TikToker sounds more Irish than an actual Irish person

By Fiona Frawley

July 11, 2022 at 4:58pm


We've heard tell of the similarities between Cork and Jamaican accents, but this is a new one.

This Newfoundland resident has gone viral on Tiktok, mostly due to the fact that he sounds like he's just stepped off a boat that sailed directly from Rosslare Harbour. Here he is commenting on the fog on a particularly muggy day in the Canadian province, which he says is "that tick here in the bay you could put down forty foot o’ shingles on a thirty foot roof. She’s proper tick".

If, like me you're convinced this man is your long lost cousin, and the real life inspiration for every Matt Le Blanc as an Irish uncle meme ever created, read on. He's about to break down exactly why he sounds like your man down the road.

According to our Newfoundland pal, the reason he sounds the way he sounds is because he's only 3,000 miles away from Ireland. Naturally, a healthy debate has broken out in the comments section - one user says the reason for the accent similarities is "because Newfoundland was settled by men and women from co Waterford", with another adding "if they were from Cork, no one would understand anything!" Their words, not ours.


Header image via TikTok/harbourcustoms


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