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09th Jan 2020

WATCH: RTE shares painfully awkward clip ahead of First Dates return

James Fenton

Settle down, First Dates fans, because the new series you’ve all been waiting for arrives on our screens tonight.

Since first airing in 2016, First Dates Ireland has been one of RTÉ’s big hitters, providing countless memorable examples of singletons looking for love. As well as that, there have been plenty of cringeworthy moments that have had people hiding behind their sofas and the first episode of the new series tonight looks to be no different.

In a preview clip shared this afternoon, we meet two daters who seem to be getting on just fine, despite a slightly awkward age-related aside at the beginning. We learn that the woman in the clip was making her communion around the time the 38-year-old man was born, which puts her somewhere around the 46 mark. You don’t need to have done honours maths in the Leaving Cert to have figured that out, right?

Well, after they get over that little speedbump, they move on to discussing Glastonbury, when the woman points out that the festival will be celebrating its 50th anniversary this summer. An interesting bit of trivia and one which would surely have most people nodding approvingly at an impressive display of general knowledge, whether they’re music fans or not.

Of course, the bloke then puts his foot in his gob in it by, well, just take a look at the clip below but be warned, you may be watching the end of it through your fingers…

Brb, just going for a long hot shower after watching that. For more moments like this, if you can handle them, make sure to tune into First Dates Ireland tonight at 9.30pm on RTÉ 2.