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30th Aug 2021

Upper East Siders, assemble: the Gossip Girl reboot is airing on Irish TV tonight

Fiona Frawley

The teaser for the new spin-off series of Gossip Girl has landed, and we didn’t realise until now it was possible to be intimidated by an ad for a tv show.

The new Upper East Siders are cool. Like almost too cool. It actually hurts a bit. We wouldn’t recommend direct eye contact with them.

There are less headbands and pearls and more pink hair, shaved heads and cowboy boots (the new girls’ headband is actually ceremoniously taken off her head by Julien, who looks to us like the new Blair, as if to say “those days are gone”. Chills.)

So what else can we expect from the new GG? An upgrade from Blackberrys and Nokias to iPhones for a start. Next, Kristen Bell will return as the iconic voice of Gossip Girl. And of course, the world of influencers and social media will presumably be far more prevalent – from what we gather, Queen Bee Julien is an influencer herself. Something tells us she’d be v selective about her sponcon and collabs.

So there you go. The most attractive people on the planet have been rounded up and put in painfully stylish school uniforms once more. There’ll be ten hour-long episodes for us to enjoy, which we can see ourselves binging at a rapid rate. It’s hot rich summer, guys.


Header image via Youtube/HBO 

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