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19th Oct 2018

WATCH: This Video Of How To Do An Irish Accent Will Instantly Ruin Your Day


Want to be in a bad mood all afternoon? Yes? Fantastic, step right this way sir.

A video on Youtube by an American dialect couch showing how to do an Irish accent is probably the worst thing you’ll watch all weekend. But hey, self-torture is the most fun, so just watch it.

Madeline Harvey, the dialect couch you will soon know so well, even mentions the words “beautiful brogue”. We wish we were kidding.

She takes viewers through all the sounds of an Irish accent – and after hearing them we really hope we don’t sound like that

“The Irish accent is known for being very melodic. The phrases tend to have a up and down sort of dreamy lilt to them.”


This is baffling:

To anyone who makes it through the entire seven minutes and 39 seconds of that, well done. Nerves of steel.