WATCH: This Poignant Speech Conor Cusack Gave On Claire Byrne Live Last Night

'There are far too many empty seats at the table'

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Claire Byrne Live caused quite the consternation last night as the very important topic of mental health came into play. 

So much so that #CBLive is still trending on Twitter this morning. 

People were disappointed that no one from the HSE was available for the piece on 24hour mental health supports, as suicide rates are ever-growing in this country. 

But the moment that stole the show was Cork hurler's Conor Cusack powerful speech about his own struggles with mental health. 

The show particularly struck a chord with mental activist, Bressie, who started a petition demanding 24hour mental health services across the country on his website, A Lust For Life

While aspects of the show were somewhat disappointing, it's excellent to see that this discussion is remaining in the public eye. 

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