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13th Jul 2017

WATCH: This Viral RTE Blooper Has Made It Onto A New Ebay Ad


It’s now been four years since one of the most glorious RTE moments was captured live on air: newsreader Aengus Mac Grianna applying make up and fixing his suit live on telly, not realising that cameras had cut straight to studio instead of playing the opening sequence of the show.

A simple ‘What’ and a shocked face captured the hearts of the nation, and even appeared in a gas Jimmy Kimmel segment titled  “excellence in reporting.”

Let us remind you…

And now Ebay have featured the legendary moment in their new ad…

In a promo for their new sale, product giant Ebay has used the cringey moment to great effect, with a voiceover saying “you thought you got a prime deal” before poor Aengus utters his famous words.

This is brilliant.

Legendary. Beautiful. Effortless.

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