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12th Nov 2018

WATCH: Trumpy Bear Is A Real Thing And The Ad Is Hilarious


Americans can buy their very own Trumpy Bear.

This patriotic bear has been designed to help Americans feel proud of their country.

For just two payments of $19.95, you can own a bear with an uncanny resemblance to President Donald J. Trump.

If you still can’t believe what you just read above, I can’t believe I just typed it.

The ad starts with the words, “The word whispered through the forest…a storm is coming…you can not defeat the storm…from the trees rose a resounding voice…I fear nothing…I come when the Trumpet sounds…I am the Storm.” (sic)

And if that doesn’t tee up a sales pitch, I don’t know what could tbh.

Watch the advert below.

The ad suggests cuddling up with Trumpy Bear and the American flag blanket, which is hidden in a secret compartment in back of Trumpy Bear, or proudly displaying Trumpy Bear on flag day or any American holiday, because why else would you own a bear with a bad toupé and a tie?

We still can’t get over that this is a real ad on TV.

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