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WATCH: Viewers Were Shook By The Birth That Took Place On The Late Late Last Night

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In the 57 years of The Late Late Show, viewers must have thought they’d seen everything. There’s been controversial guests, angry audience members and THAT Boyzone performance but last night took things to a whole new level with the chat show’s first ever live birth.

Viewers were introduced to Lucina, a robot whose job is to repeatedly give birth as part of medical training for the RCSI. We were told that Lucina provides medical students with the chance to build clinical and communication skills and their general bedside manner when faced with the real-life situation of delivering babies into the world.

After a brief introduction, the audience was soon gasping as we watched Lucina give birth to a bouncing baby boy, her 1,000th baby overall. And you thought your family was big.

The video below leaves out the, shall we say, most graphic parts of the segment but it should give you a fair indication of what went on. Congratulations, Lucina!

Of course, people on social media didn’t miss a trick…

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