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09th Jun 2021

WATCH: What do the Leaving Cert and Jason Derulo have in common?

Fiona Frawley

The Leaving Cert gives us all the fear, whether you’re just about to sit it or have already sat it…

But, it’s been over ten years since I did the Leaving Cert and it turned out to not be the be-all-and-end-all. I’ve moved on. Apart from the obligatory “Omg I’m doing the Leaving Cert again” dream I have every few months.

When I do look back on that time, there’s one thing I always think would have really helped me out with my studies. It’s not an extra maths grind or online meditation. No, what really would have helped me is a video from Jason Derulo to wish me good luck.

Bit harsh that he didn’t sing the iconic Jason DeruUuuulo tbh, but a cute message all the same. You can all go out and get top points now knowing the king of TikTok is in your corner!

After a mad two years of homeschooling and uncertainty, all that’s really left to do is relax, organise your stationery and blast a bitta Savage Love. You got this.

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