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16th Jan 2023

WATCH: Woman’s gender reveal goes wrong after she forgets her partner is colour blind

Emily Mullen

‘His face says he didn’t care wether it was pink or blue [sic].’

A gender reveal party was an even bigger surprise for the dad – because his pregnant partner forgot he was colour-blind.

The big pre-birth event, where couples announce whether the expected baby is a boy or girl, has produced some pretty unexpected outcomes over the years – like explosions and wildfires – so much so that the person who invented the trend came out in 2020 to say they regret it.

The colours pink and blue – traditionally pink for a girl, blue a boy – are usually used at the event and appear from a balloon, cannon, cracker, as confetti or smoke, and everyone cheers.

TikTok user @jennacowann recently shared how her gender reveal went down.
The clip shows her filming the dad-to-be with a confetti cannon which he fires on her direction. It sends a stream of pink paper into the air, only problem is he’s still none the wiser as to the gender of his unborn child. 
@jennacowann oops? #firsttimemom #firstborn #youngmum #firstborndaughter #25weekspregnant ♬ Explosions – Ellie Goulding

So, she then had to tell him the old fashioned way.Commenters on the post, that has been viewed almost 2.5m times, suggested the boyfriend was a great sport.

“It’s the fact he still did a gender reveal even tho he knew he was Colour blind. He’s a keeper Girl,” one wrote.

Another wrote: “Considering he couldn’t see the colour his face says he didn’t care wether it was pink or blue.”

“He’s just happy to (be) there right in that moment! Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy,” a third person wrote.

If you’re wondering just how badly some gender reveal parties have gone, check out this list from Indy100 – it includes how one reveal led to wildfires, and another a big explosion.

In 2008, while pregnant with her eldest child, Bianca, Jenna Karvunidis threw a party at which she announced the baby’s sex by cutting into a cake filled with pink icing. She wrote about the event on her blog, and her post went viral. That’s how gender reveal parties were born.

She told the Guardian that she now regrets publicising how she chose to inform her friends and family whether she was having a boy or girl, saying: “When I first saw that a gender-reveal party had caused a forest fire I cried because I felt responsible. But here’s the thing – when planes crash no one goes after the Wright brothers. I think the parties probably would have happened anyway. I put form to it, but it’s not that crazy of an idea.

“Now I think the whole thing is not great at all, though. The problem is they overemphasise one aspect of a person. I had two more kids after Bianca, but I never had another gender reveal party.”

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