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18th Nov 2021

We’ve got proof that Dylan Llewellyn from Derry Girls is rooting for James and Erin

Katy Thornton

Will love be in the air for these two in Season Three? And what will Michelle have to say about it?

Ever since James showed up to take Erin to their school dance, we’ve had our eye on those two. Was it just an innocent act of altruism, or does James feel something more than friendship for Erin? And let’s not forget how Erin reacted when James was off with one of the Ukrainian students… oh yes, it’s all adding up. Now the actor who plays James, Dylan Llewellyn, seems to be thinking about Erin (Saoirse Jackson) himself.

Llewellyn took part in this Tiktok challenge over on his account (@djllewellyn), and we are more than a bit obsessed. The Taylor Swift “Wildest Dreams” challenge is where people find themselves suddenly feeling things for someone new. Well, in the video Llewellyn finds himself suddenly lovestruck by Erin, in the scene where she arrives into school with her shirt dyed pink.

Is this an indication of what’s to come, or is Llewellyn just toying with our emotions? If the pair are destined for one another, we have a feeling  Michelle (Jamie Lee O’Donnell) will be none too happy about it.

We cannot wait to watch the third and final season to find out what will happen between them.

Header image via Instagram/saoirsemonicajackson

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