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20th Dec 2016

You Can Now Buy Jars Of Fresh Air For More Than €100 A Pop


Now for your daily dose of utter ridiculousness: these ‘air farmers’ have recently begun selling jars of air for more than €100 a piece.

A recently launched company called Aethaer bottles air from the “most beautiful, pristine areas of countryside” in Britain’s West Country to sell them to heavily polluted cities, like Hong Kong.

Aethaer Jars

Take a look at their promotional video below.


This is not the first product of its kind though, with Canadian company Vitality Air kicking off the market in 2014 by compressed air from the Rockies with a price tag of $32 for 7.7 litres.

Vitality Air’s containers were airtight and pressurised at least, unlike Aethaer’s jam jar-like containers that aren’t even airtight, according to Suzanne Paulson, a professor and director of the Center for Clean Air at the University of California.

And airtightness is kinda important when you’re actually selling air. 

Know anybody gullible enough to spend money on this?


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