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31st Aug 2021

If you’ve ever wanted to play real life Cluedo, check out this Bray event

Katy Thornton

Have you ever fancied yourself something of a detective?

The days are getting shorter and colder: a sign that we are officially heading into autumn. And what comes with autumn? Spooky season of course! However if you like your spooky season with a spot of mystery, this event in Bray might just be for you.

CluedUpp Games is holding a real life cluedo event in Bray on the 13th November 2021. The Bray Ripper is on the loose, having left three victims behind, and it’s up to you and your team to catch them. With clues to solve along the way, can your team crack the case before it’s too late?

You can book for a group of six people, with tickets only costing €35 for your whole team. You can book online through this link. This event is dog friendly if you want to bring along your pup! Dress up is optional so feel free to get into the spirit if you’d like (particularly those who will be mourning the passing of Halloween).

Header image via Instagram/clued_upp

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